In Memoriam: Michael Sachs, Founder, Sg2

Michael SachsIt is with great sorrow that we share the passing of Sg2 Founder Michael Sachs on November 29, 2019. Sg2 and our members are grateful for Michael’s vision, passion and leadership. We are committed to honoring his legacy by doing what we were trained and inspired by Michael to do best—make bold predictions, create industry-leading tools and challenge the status quo in our quest to transform health care.

Michael spent his career in the health care industry, developing health care data and information companies and insurance services companies. He was the founder of The Sachs Group, bSwift and Sg2, which helped create thousands of jobs and launch numerous successful careers. Michael also actively worked with health care startups and early stage companies in a number of industries, and his passion for making a difference led him to contribute meaningfully both financially and through his leadership skills to many organizations.

Bill Woodson, Sg2 Senior Principal, stated “Michael inspired a generation of health care leaders to challenge the status quo. Over several decades, he consistently predicted what would change in our industry and told us what we should do to respond. He was an amazingly forceful leader, mentor and visionary for hundreds of health care executives. It’s hard for me to imagine what happens next in American health care without his critical voice, wit and guidance. We have lost a rare talent and friend.”

Read Michael’s obituary here.

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