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At the end of 2021, we celebrated Sg2’s 20-year anniversary with heartfelt reflections from friends and colleagues past and present. This year Sg2 celebrates another milestone: five years as part of Vizient, the largest member-owned health care company.

Sg2 members have heard us speak often about our System of CARE (Clinical Alignment and Resource Effectiveness) concept, which is our strategic framework that illustrates patients’ journeys across health system sites of care—and how it can help guide leadership team planning efforts. Over the past five years, Sg2 has worked to not only find our place in the System of CARE that is the Vizient enterprise, but also to better collaborate with rest of the family of companies to strengthen our support for our members. And being part of a mutually beneficial partnership means giving is just as important as receiving, and that holds very true with Sg2 as a Vizient company. Here’s how it works…

For our part, Sg2 has lent our strategic voice to Vizient’s performance improvement capabilities, creating a cost, quality and market performance engine that helps keep all of our collective members market relevant. We confidently work across departmental boundaries, driving home the performance-based strategy we have evangelized in past years, as market growth is indeed dependent on cost and quality excellence, and cost and quality excellence drives market growth.

Reversing the partnership flow, how do Sg2 members benefit?

  • Vizient Tech Watch guides are elevated by our collaboration. Vizient service line performance expertise is combined with Sg2 market intelligence, expertise, and trend tracking to provide information and insights across pediatrics, medical devices, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Vizient Clinical Data Base (CDB), Operational Data Base (ODB) and Clinical Practice Solution Center (CPSC) inform Sg2 service line intelligence. We leverage benchmarks and findings from these proprietary tools to augment our resources and align cost, quality and market intelligence for our members.
  • Vizient data assets improve our data scale. Sg2 holds the largest claims data warehouse in the industry, which is soon to become even more expansive and representative as Vizient has attained CMS Qualified Entity Program status. We will soon have access to near real-time Medicare claims to help define market performance even more deeply.
  • Led by Group SVP David Levine, MD, FACEP, Vizient’s Center for Advanced Analytics inspires new methods of thinking and more provocative results. The Center for Advanced Analytics is a thought partner in our advanced data modeling, driving our innovation with new data and resulting in informed calculators (eg, our Health Equity Strategy Accelerator Tool) and data-driven insights for forecasting, validation testing and intelligence.

Much like any adolescent System of CARE, we will integrate better, share data better and innovate better as we mature; however, we are already better positioned to meet members’ evolving needs because of our inclusion in and collaboration with the Vizient family of companies these last five years.

And as we move forward, our members can expect even more strategic perspectives, resources and support from us:

  • More on the System of CARE: We will continue our focus on the System of CARE and the digital enablers thereof, along with successful service line programs. That’s the core of what we do, via intelligence and analytics: help our members understand where to invest in new markets, novel services, diverse sites and advancing technologies.
  • Consumerism: Once you have built your System of CARE, it’s time to engage the consumer and welcome the patient at your front door.
  • Payer strategy: This is paramount, and we have both direct-to-employer and value-based care strategy offerings to aid member initiatives.
  • Channel management: For the accelerating consumer and traditional provider channels, we are working on a near-term growth and direct-to-consumer solutions, plus a referral analytic accompanied by physician liaison consulting services.
  • Sg2 Consulting: We have revamped our consulting team into three new practices—Physician Strategy, Enterprise Strategy and Payer Innovation. This transformation helps our consulting experts focus more specifically on the topical challenges impacting our members, and, in turn, better anticipate unique strategic solutions.

The simple distillation: Sg2 has been, is and will be here to help our members make the right long-term programmatic investments—and now we can be a partner for channel management to bring patients to those programs. As I mentioned in my letter at the end of last year, our members’ future relevance is our current focus, and as we collaborate with our expert Vizient performance improvement colleagues, we can also ensure those programs perform successfully to keep our members market relevant.

Want to learn more about how Sg2 and Vizient can partner with your organization? Watch this video describing our strategic growth offerings and email today.


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