78: Disrupters or Game Changers: Keeping Tabs on Health Care’s New Market Entrants

Are new entrants to the health care market really disrupting the health care landscape? Or are they just “changing the game” for physicians and, ultimately, consumers? Join us for this week’s Sg2 Perspectives, as host Trevor DaRin, Sg2 Director, becomes our guest expert! He breaks down disrupters vs game changers in the health care industry, how the game changers—big tech, payers, new physician group models, retail transactional care—can impact health system care continuums and what organizations can do to prepare.

Sg2 members can access our Executive Briefing, Game Changers Take Aim at the Full System of CARE, for more key takeaways on nontraditional entrants to the health care landscape.

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Listen to the VentureSprouts podcast here.

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