79: How to Build a Diverse, Inclusive Culture When Health Equity Is a Strategic Priority, but Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Sg2 and the Vizient family of companies are striving to build our workplace, as well as our business and our communities, into a place where people not only feel safe but also feel they belong and can be their authentic selves. It’s difficult work—and it becomes even more complicated for health systems when it goes beyond employees to encompass health equity for the patients they serve. In this week’s episode of Sg2 Perspectives, we’re joined by Monica Davy, Vizient’s Chief Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, who will provide some background information on diversity, equity and inclusion and then dig into the role of health systems in understanding the needs of the communities they serve, from creating an inclusive, diverse workforce and culture internally to addressing social determinants of health externally.

Read more about diversity, equity and inclusion at Sg2 and Vizient, as well as a statement from Group SVP, Sg2 and Intelligence, John Becker on Sg2’s commitment to social justice and health equity.

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