Sg2 Analytics 

Today’s challenges cannot be solved using yesterday’s tools. Sg2 provides a full complement of analytics that everyone on your team—from the c-suite to service line leaders to planning analysts—can use. The result is a view into your inpatient and outpatient market unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Sg2 integrates a wide variety of data sources, proprietary methodologies and expert analyses to create a comprehensive view of your market. Intuitive reports and interactive dashboards are combined with robust drill-down tools that support you and your team in creating an informed market strategy to compete more effectively.

Unify Your Data

Organize your data into standardized, clinically relevant categories at the service line, disease and procedure levels to enable informed decisions regardless of site of care or coding system.

Patients and Community

Understand the historic trends and future growth opportunities for the patients within your market with these powerful tools.

Market Providers

Take your understanding of your market’s providers to the next level with these advanced analytics. Understand care patterns and connections as well as future demand by specialty.