Patient Flow™

Sg2 Patient Flow uses direct-from-payer data to provide a complete picture of patient care activity in your market.

Having the right data makes all the difference as you look to understand patient movement, leakage and keepage, and physician loyalty across evolving health system footprints. Sg2 Patient Flow’s complete longitudinal data set allows you to see real patient movement—not extrapolations derived from complex algorithms—and offers user-friendly reports that illuminate where patients come from, where they go next and how they move sequentially along clinical pathways.

Sg2 Patient Flow’s known, consistent and transparent sources deliver:

  • Actual provider connections and encounter counts for a defined population, including adult and pediatric patients
  • 100% of the health care activity for all covered lives in the data set
  • Analysis of where patients receive care across the community by actual provider and facility, tracked sequentially
  • Specifically named site locations and providers
  • Three years of rolling data, refreshed every 90 days—Sg2 has years of experience analyzing and processing claims-based data, providing you with a level of detail and confidence that’s not available anywhere else.

Use Patient Flow to answer strategic questions such as…

  • How can I assess physician loyalty? What does splitter behavior look like in my market?
  • How can I prioritize physician/practice outreach, partnership and acquisition?
  • How do I understand and address leakage?
  • How do I build my growth funnel/channel strategies?
  • What is the preferred patient path for X service line, disease or procedure?
  • Are there any gaps in my System of CARE for X service line, disease or procedure?


Ambulatory Market Strategist

Decisions about the fast-paced, growth-fueled ambulatory market are typically made based on speculation, inpatient proxies or, at best, limited state data. The groundbreaking Sg2 Ambulatory Market Strategist module changes that by bringing real volumes, market position and opportunities into view across the full ambulatory landscape.

Actual—not extrapolated—volumes and market position trends for physicians and physician groups, retail clinics, ASCs, hospitals, outpatient sites, emergency departments and more offer an advanced ability to understand and influence the competitive landscape around you.

Use Ambulatory Market Strategist to answer strategic questions such as…

  • Who are the market leaders in outpatient activity?
  • Do we have the right ambulatory footprint and assets in place to capture market growth?
  • Which physician groups are most prolific? Should we prioritize partnering with one or more of them?


Workforce Supply & Demand

Estimates physician demand by specialty by dividing your market’s outpatient forecast into physician productivity benchmarks. Physician supply is estimated using a database of active providers. Compare supply with demand to estimate physician surplus or shortage.

Use Workforce Supply & Demand to answer strategic questions such as…

  • How many providers (by specialty) are in our market?
  • How many specialists are in our primary vs secondary market?
  • Where are there provider gaps within our community?