Sg2 CARE Grouper

Connect and Contextualize Your Data

Market, clinical and financial data are your strategy building blocks, but as the number and complexity of data sets increase, merely housing these data together isn’t enough. You need to unify your data and unlock the insights they hold to drive your organization forward, compete in your market and master your System of CARE.

Get the Big Picture With Sg2 CARE Grouper

Sg2 CARE Grouper, our proprietary grouping methodology, lets you categorize your data across 25,000 unique disease and procedure pairings. Easy to understand and incredibly flexible, the CARE Grouper:

  • Helps you unify your data and put them into a language that strategists, clinicians and executives understand.
  • Has user-friendly software that incorporates easily into many environments—from individual desktops to batch processing on a server.
  • Uses the intuitive disease and procedure terminology found throughout Sg2’s analytics (particularly the Impact of Change® Forecast).

Categorize your data across 25,000 unique CARE group combinations

Use What Our Experts Use

Every year, Sg2 clinical and data experts spend countless hours reviewing and incorporating the thousands of new ICD-10 and HCPCS/CPT codes into the latest versions of the grouper. When you use the Sg2 CARE Grouper, you’re using the same tool we use to understand and connect data sets through multiple views (eg, disease based, local market, sites of care) to power our Impact of Change forecast, provide insight into market share for our State Data Analysis and track/visualize patient movement for our Patient Flow™ tool.

How Sg2 Maps Your Data

The Sg2 CARE Grouper helps you gain a consistent understanding of your organization across your inpatient and ambulatory footprint.

The CARE Grouper adds Sg2 disease, service line and procedure information to your original data…

CARE Grouper data

…giving you the capability to add these groupings to your data and analyze it in new ways.

How Sg2 Members Use the CARE Grouper

Sg2 members use the CARE Grouper to analyze inpatient and outpatient service line profitability enterprise-wide

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