Sg2 Webinar: AMC Service Line Organization: Shaping the Future of Academic Health Systems

In this webinar, Sg2 thought leaders Jayme Zage, PhD, and Michael Humphrey share key trends in AMC structure and offer specific actions that can be taken to move forward with service line reorganization. Topics explored include the most common service lines at AMCs, including the breadth of definition and authority, how hospital, medical school and physician practice or faculty alignment affect structure, and steps AMCs have taken to be successful in reorganizing their service lines.

Sg2 Webinar: AMC Approach to Value-Based Care

Join Sg2 experts Tawnya Bosko and Michael Humphrey as they share lessons learned from working with the nation’s leading AMCs in their varied journeys to VBC. This session will provide background on AMC-specific challenges in VBC and discuss case studies showing how AMCs are building their VBC portfolio to drive growth and success. Understand how leading AMCs are securing, building and/or integrating a primary care base; addressing the challenges of a traditionally high-cost structure; choosing the right payer population (Medicare, commercial, dual eligible, direct to employer) to focus efforts; and developing effective access and engagement strategies.