4: Sg2 Perspectives: Women’s Health


Our Women’s health service line leaders, Karyl Kopaskie, PhD, Senior Director, and Jeremy Miller, MD, Fellow, discuss and debate how health systems are responding to emerging trends including consumerism, changing preference for wellness visits, as well as modest yet hopeful strides we are making in public health around maternal and infant mortality.

Read more about these topics on our blog or watch Karyl on YouTube. Sg2 members can tap into more Women’s health resources at

Show Notes:
[01:01] Three big takeaways about women’s healthcare.
[01:54] Why patient relationships are changing in women’s healthcare.
[03:32] Aging baby boomers and their outlook on women’s healthcare.
[05:22] Types of goals and perspectives on setting health care goals for building better relationships with female clients.
[08:00] Patient interests – are they aligning with physician interests?
[11:20] The opportunity to link data with consumer preferences and what this information can tell us.
[15:40] America is at the bottom of the list of developed countries for infant mortality.
[17:00] States which are invested can move the needle on maternal mortality.
[17:47] Healthcare organizations need to work in tandem to create a better healthcare setting for lower socioeconomic female patients.
[18:56] Asking women what they think the barriers are to access to health.
[24:09] Virtual setting for high-risk OBGYN clients.

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